Don’t let the garden stress you out enjoy it

You are stunned or, on the contrary, overwhelmed, rebellious, and, in turn, directive. To the point of sowing panic in your service. How to keep your stress for yourself, or, better, evacuate it at the moment without showing anything? By creating pressure, he will quickly mount the team against him and demotivate, which will damage his credibility and the productivity of the group.Moreover, transmit a state of panic to others will not relieve you. reason to avoid inflicting on your collaborators what you are experiencing at the moment “t” “. Here are six tips to regain control. 


1. Non-verbal signs. Silence reigns when you cross the open space. Your co-worker spills her coffee when you enter her office and her neighbor lets out a sigh. Your assistant scribbles on his notepad while you talk to him. Danger! These associated nonverbal signs manifest obvious discomfort. The team is already energized. One must be attentive to this body language. Remember that in terms of communication, messages are only 30% speech and 70% gestures, looks, smiles with laser-white teeth Birmingham, etc. Some will doubtless dare to express their difficulty in the face of a conflict of priorities that you have created. It will be an opportunity to take things calmly with them. But you have to pull yourself together as quickly as possible. 


2. Micro-breaks. An effective “cut-stress” is to interrupt what you do. As soon as you feel that you are going to become brittle or ready to give bursty and contradictory orders during an exchange with collaborators, you can very well say: “You excuse me, I need 5 minutes”. Above all do not excuse emergency because you would still be in the pressure. You do not have to justify yourself. On the contrary, participants who have perceived your excitement will appreciate. Then take refuge in the toilet or on the balcony. And take the opportunity to take several breaths and soothe your heartbeat. 


3. Idling actions. Your contacts alert you. “You speak too fast, I can not follow you”. You are overheated verbal and it is contagious. Strive to slow the flow of your sentences and lower your tone if you speak louder than usual. Watch out for too much frenzy in the action. Because launching several things at once – for you or for others – quickly creates an electric climate. Think that it will not go faster. Then, prioritize the order of the folders to be processed, and assign the roles without panic. 

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