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Echo Valley Illuminarie Double Halo Suncatcher

Glow in the dark copper suncatcher

  • glow in dark
  • suncatcher
  • indoors or out
  • garden décor
  • copper

Rating: (out of 2 reviews)

List Price: $ 24.99
Price: $ 24.99

Echo Valley Illuminarie Double Halo Suncatcher Reviews

Review by Sharpie:

For christmas my grandmother had given my mom a huge gazing ball, which glowed in the dark, and looked much like the one in this suncatcher. I thought that she had one as well, I was mistaken. So, while this was suppose to compliment her gazing ball, it now adorns her porch. She loves it. When glowing at night it reminds me of the milky way or some distant nebula. It came packaged very well so there wasn't much of a chance of it breaking in the shipping process. I just wish there were more colors to choose from. :-)

Buy Echo Valley Illuminarie Double Halo Suncatcher now for only $ 24.99!

Cast Iron Laughing Sun Face For Indoor or Outdoor Decor

Cast Iron Sun FaceMade of cast iron this sunny face is sure to light up any space he fills! Measures 11" wide and has two mounting holes on either side.

  • Made of Cast Iron
  • Measures 10 Inches Diameter
  • Has 2 Mounting Holes On Either Side
  • Use in Indoor or Outdoor Decor

Price: $ 12.38

Large Metal Sun Face Sunburst Plaque Wall Decor

Can Be Used Inside Or Outside-Large 18 " Diameter-Gorgeous Coloring-Top Quality- Sturdy Hanger In Back-

  • Large 18" Diameter
  • Use Inside Or Outside
  • Very Colorful Detail
  • Sturdy Hanger In Back
  • Great Gift Idea

Price: $ 19.99

Night and Day Wall Plaque #31826

Night and day come together to create a plaque of celestial beauty! Polyresin. 11 1/2"" diameter.

  • Alabastrite.
  • 11 1/2" diameter.

Rating: (out of 6 reviews)

List Price: $ 12.95
Price: $ 4.95

Night and Day Wall Plaque #31826 Reviews

Review by J. Vinje:

I haven't received this item yet but he advertised it for .01 but he more than made up for the sale price with the shipping 19.50. Once I found out how much the shipping was I emailed him and told him to cancel my order. He said it was to late it was already shipped and if I wanted to return it it would be at my expense. When at the time I sent the email my account said it hadn't been shipped No very happy about it.

Review by OBX:


Buy Night and Day Wall Plaque #31826 now for only $ 4.95!

Peek A Boo Bear Outdoor Garden Yard Decor Decoration

A plump black bear peeps shyly around the edge of your fence post or tree, watching your garden grow. A delightful decoration that adds charm in an instant! Weight 0.1 lb. Polyresin. 2 5/8" x 3" x 5 3/8" high.


List Price: $ 9.95
Price: $ 3.35

Frolicking Frogs Hanging Decor - Style 38813

A giggling trio of amphibious acrobats enjoys a merry moment of mirth, playfully tumbling down the length of a free-swinging rope. An utterly irresistible hanging sculpture that brings loads of love and laughter to your garden! Powderstone/polyresin blend. 3 1/4" x 3" x 30 1/4" high.

  • Frolicking Frogs Hanging Decor
  • 3 1/4" x 3" x 30 1/4" high
  • A giggling trio of amphibious acrobats enjoys a merry moment of mirth, playfully tumbling down the length of a free-swinging rope

Rating: (out of 2 reviews)

Price: $ 8.02

Frolicking Frogs Hanging Decor - Style 38813 Reviews

Review by Blonde Jen:

Part of a Mother's Day gift for my mom. Delivery was on time and she was very happy with the item. Since she lives in a different state, I have not seen them yet, but she claims they are adorable.

Buy Frolicking Frogs Hanging Decor - Style 38813 now for only $ 8.02!

Echo Valley Illuminarie Moon Stake

Glow in dark decorative garden stake

  • glow in dark
  • garden stake
  • indoors or out
  • garden décor
  • use in garden or pot

Rating: (out of 11 reviews)

List Price: $ 49.99
Price: $ 22.95

Echo Valley Illuminarie Moon Stake Reviews

Review by Donna J. Test:

As a garden ornament is is adequate.

Unfortunately, as far as it 'illuminating' it does not.

It is in full sun all day long and at night there is nothing

around it but a small landscape light and still it does not

glow. I called company and they said to move it to where it

would be in total darkness at night. Done. Still doesn't work,

The 'companion' piece that we ordered was the Saturn Stake.

They tried to mail it to me two times but both times it broke

in transit and carrier just sent it back to Amazon. I decided

I'd had enough and choose not to try to reorder this one and

get my $ back as the first wasn't glowing.

Review by Danielle Suzanne:

This is lovely. It looks delightful in the garden. But, as a previous reviewer noted, it absolutely does not glow in the dark. Not even a little bit. Our garden receives full sunlight all day; at night it is completely dark. (We live in a rural area; there is no light from neighbors or other sources.) Given these conditions, if an item can glow in the dark, it should. Yet this most certainly does not.

I did try the old glow-in-the-dark test of bringing it into a closet (in the middle of the day, after several hours of very bright direct sunlight) and closing the door. The only thing that glowed was the old Timex I was wearing...

Buy this as a pretty lawn/garden ornament. Just do not expect it to glow in the dark at all.

Also, mine was packaged very well and survived shipping with no issues at all. It was well-protected, with a multitude of bubble wrap, air packs, packing peanuts, and filler paper -- not to mention a box-within-a-box arrangement. I think the UPS truck would have had to actually run over the thing to do it any damage. I ordered from Amazon, so Amazon is to thank for most of the hyper-vigilant packaging -- but, to be fair, the manufacturer's packaging was quite adequate to begin with.

Buy Echo Valley Illuminarie Moon Stake now for only $ 22.95!

Smart Solar SunJet 150 Solar-Powered Water Pump

Sunjet 150 solar powered pump used for small applications with statuary basins or fountains and only operates in direct sunlightTurn that stagnant bird bath into a cascading bird sanctuary with the SunJet solar-powered water pump. The kit includes a low voltage pump with filter and three different spray heads for creating fountains up to 10 inches high. The pump operates in full sunlight, and pumps 40 gallons per hour without adding a cent to your power bill! The included solar panel measures 7-3/4 by 3-1/2 by 2 inches and comes with a 16-1/2 foot connection cable, so it's easy to tuck away in the side-yard or mount up high on the garage. Easy to install, the SunJet is backed by a 2-year manufacturer warranty. --Brian Olson

  • Solar-powered water pump and solar panel for bird baths and other small water features
  • Vertical spray up to 10 inches
  • Pumps 40 gallons per hour
  • Solar panel measures 7-3/4 by 3-1/2 by 2 inches
  • 16-1/2-foot connection cable

Rating: (out of 21 reviews)

List Price: $ 70.00
Price: $ 40.99

Smart Solar SunJet 150 Solar-Powered Water Pump Reviews

Review by A. J. Hollen:

OOPS the price goes up and the quality goes down! I have had more failures with my later pumps- still think that it is a good idea - I just wish they wouldn't mess with a good product for a larger profit margin!!!!! December, 2009

earlier I had written . . .

I read the negative reviews for this SOLAR pump (some even complain that it only works when it is sunny - - - duh). I have had my first one now for three years and I love it. It couldn't be easier to set up - a couple of screws, stick the panel into ground (it can also be mounted) and put the thingy in the birdbath and VOILA!

It isn't a fountain but it is perfect for a birdbath. I played with all the different heads that send the water up higher - about 8 to 10 inches - and opted to just use it with no head and let it bubble to a height of about 4 inches on sunny days and the birds go nuts for it - sometimes they sit right on top of it . . . bet that feels good on a hot day!

I confess that I am not that diligent about cleaning it out around the filter BUT this little pump is so forgiving that it keeps going anyway. Occasionally it needs to be taken apart if some debris gets in (you can tell when it happens because it makes a funny humming sound) but the maintenance is so minimal that only a birdbrain would find it a chore.

I have had the water wigglers in birdbaths - they're okay but they get funky and rusty - that is why I am buying my second and third solar pump to replace the wigglers in the other baths.

Review by Kay:

This item is "cute" - for a small birdbath and in a small area. Mine looks "lost" in the 18 inch wide bowl in my birdbath and in the wide open surrounding area because the water does not go up too high. It does not go as high as shown in the photo. It would be nice for a smaller bath and maybe on a deck. It is pretty easy to assemble and does work. Just not as impressive as the photo and write up make it appear.

Buy Smart Solar SunJet 150 Solar-Powered Water Pump now for only $ 40.99!

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