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What to look while buying a good washer dryer?

If you are scouring the market (online and offline) for the best stackable washer dryer, you might find yourself reeling over the vast choices. There are so many in the market that becomes overly confusing to any washer buyers.

To make your search more fruit, here are some tips that can help you simplify your search when it comes to buying the right stackable washer dryer.

Get It Right

Find those that are labeled “stackable”. You do not want to mistake it for a stackable washing machine when it really is not, do you?

Energy Efficiency

Try to find a stackable front load washer dryer that saves as much energy and water as it can. Normally, front load washer dryer is an energy saver by nature, but specific brands can save more than its competitor. You might want to read product descriptions first and find out its capacity and its energy-efficiency features.


Before buying it, find out first if it can fit the space you intend to put it. Find out which would be more convenient for you to use, laundry centers that takes most floor space or stackable machines that can save space but will be more difficult to reach?


The best stackable washer dryer should have moisture sensor feature in its dryer. This can detect if the clothes are already dry so that you can cut back the drying time instead of you manually choosing an option that can “overdry” or “underdry” the clothes.

Electric or Gas

Find one that has a gas dryer. Electric dryer can be more costly while gas dryer is relatively cheaper and easier to operate. They can also dry clothes quicker than the electric one so you can save money here too.
If you are bent on having stackable washer dryer combo, make sure they are sturdy so that they will not give out on you. Do a lot of researches and find out from other owners if the brand is ideal to buy.

Size of Machine

Before buying anything, you should measure up your space first. This is especially true when you buy online. Make sure you have a good grasp of the machine’s dimensions.


Ask for the details about the warranty. Ask them what will happen and what their services are if the machine breaks down.

Here are the major considerations that you have to think over first in your search for the best stackable washer dryer. Keep this in mind when you are searching and you are sure to find the one that works well for you.

LG Tromm DLE5977W Dryer
   US $150.00

   US $549.00

Haier HLP140E HLP21N Combo Washer Dryer Set W Wheels
   US $489.99

Whirlpool Duet GHW9150P Front Load Washer Dryer Set
   US $900.00

Kenmore Washer Dryer
   US $250.00

   US $450.00

   US $450.00

Bosch Washing Machine WAS20160UC Front Loading NEW
   US $56.00

Frigidaire Electrolux STACKIT3W Washer Dryer Stack Kit
   US $15.49
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